Uno Apparel: your custom made uniform and promotional wear​

Custom made
products and services

We offer to you custom made products and services. You are free to choose: we produce custom made apparel and accessories according to your own specifications and requirements – you determine what styles, colors and materials best appeal to your needs. Or our team of highly professional stylists and designers develop a unique product for your corporate visual identity.

Strategic approach
and 360 degrees
consulting service

Uno Apparel Europe offers to you a strategic approach and a 360
degrees consulting service, thus helping you to select and to design a promotional wear and accessories assortment, in perfect respect of your budget, commercial and marketing expectations.

High tech solutions
and innovative materials

We offer to you high tech solutions like NFC (near field communication) equipped and cloud managed smart textiles, and innovative, environment friendly and recyclable materials like DuPont™ Tyvek®, to create your unique, connected, responsive and impactful brand image.

Competitive prices and high quality standards

We offer to you extremely competitive prices and high quality standards: our quality control is very strict and responds to the highest international standards.

Uno Apparel Europe : we customize your success !