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What is rPET?

The small “r” indicates the recycling of PET (polyethylene terephthalate), from the food industry. Water and soda bottles are arguably the most common PET items. This abundant material, buried for a long time without further recovery, is now washed, crushed and then reused in the form of granules for the production of various objects in rPET. This recycled material helps to limit greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to energy savings.

The advantages of rPET:

• 90% lower carbon footprint than nylon.

• 75% lower carbon footprint than polyester.

• 50% lower carbon footprint than cotton.

• This polymer is 100% recyclable and has all the qualities of polyester.

The ecological advantages of rPET plead in its favor. Recycled PET saves up to 60% energy and 1 ton of recycled PET saves from 1 to 1.2 tons of oil.

Produced mainly from the recycling of water bottles, rPET is commonly referred to as recycled polyester in the textile industry. rPET is one of the major raw materials in the recycling industry.

The textile products and textile packaging obtained from it are woven or knitted and are of a quality comparable to that obtained with fibers spun from virgin materials. The fibers are therefore just as resistant and qualitative as “new fibers”.

The ultimate goal of the production and use of rPET is to reduce the impact on the climate by transforming our household waste into raw materials for the textile industry. rPET is therefore recycled, but also infinitely recyclable. It is recognized as a truly eco-designed fabric.

Production techniques, which are constantly evolving, improve the material and thus broaden its spectrum of use. These new plastic recycling technologies require relatively little energy.

Our experience and expertise have enabled us to prepare these polymers, and thus to offer you the products with a low carbon footprint, respectful of the environment.

The higher the share of rPET in industry, the greater the impact for the protection and respect of the environment. The increase in the share of rPET leads indeed to a concomitant reduction in the consumption of new PET.

This is a real challenge, a real and very serious ethic to be imposed on all industries using PET material. However, this solution requires optimizations throughout the entire production chain, starting with the sorting of waste.

At the same time, awareness and a profound change in our mentalities is necessary to avoid overconsumption and ultimately achieve real eco-responsible behavior.

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