MOQ and order conditions

With Uno Apparel you are benefitting from 18 years experience in providing customers with the best and the most innovative custom made services and solutions.

Production time & transportation: in average, only 45 days for production + 30 days of transit by boat, or 5 days by air.

Our quotations are made within 48 hours.

Each project’s phase is transparent and comprehensive for our clients.

You can choose your own fabric, your style and your own design, or let our highly qualified designers create them exclusively for you, according to your needs and technical specifications.

Our devoted team of highly experienced account managers and graphic designers is here to help you at each phase of your project and to guide you in choosing the optimal style and fabric, as well as the entire branding strategy and visual identity.

Please just specify your needs to us and we will design and produce a product which will correspond to your volume, budget, environmental and style expectations!

Our in-house samples are easy and fast to prepare.

We will launch the production for you only after your full approval of samples.

Our quality control is performed on permanent basis by our assigned quality controllers who are present constantly on our production site and report regularly to our headquarters.

Payments are made either by TT or under Letter of Credit, and we work on either FOB or CFR basis.

We can perform any kind of printing and customization for you:

  • Silk screen printing
  •  Heat transfer printing
  • Digital printing
  • Sublimation
  • Embroidery


We can equip your garments with innovative NFC (near field communication) technology: NFC chips connected to a unique Cloud solution, designed by our partner, Verisium / Kaspersky. We can integrate these NFC chips into the garments that we will fabricate for you, in form of smart buttons and / or washable labels, sewn into the t-shirts, parkas, or bags. 

The NFC technology is enabling apparel to communicate with consumers like never before. By bringing the smartphone close to the NFC button or chip/patch, your consumers will be able to obtain any information, function or message that you wish to deliver, such as: exclusive digital content, authenticity certificates, links to your website or other URL resources, videos, connection to social media and Wi-Fi, product sheets and care instructions, electronic tickets and many other.

Uno Apparel, we customize your success !